Sampoerna Academy Boarding School

Conceived as a senior high school with boarding system for deserving and exceptionally talented students, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School implements a holistic education. In addition to the National Curriculum, our school combines programs from the Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE and International AS/A Levels) with learning methods focusing on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). The school offers online courses from Sampoerna University. In 2015 the school also introduced Advanced Placement (AP) that allows students to earn college-level credit recognized by universities in the US.

Sampoerna Academy Boarding School aims to develop future leaders with strong moral fiber and who will develop a keen understanding and awareness of current and future global issues. These youths will learn and grow together inside and outside the classroom in order to lead better lives by developing their intellectual, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. PSF and its associated departments also support the students by clearing the path to enter top Indonesian and overseas universities.

The Sampoerna Academy Boarding School students are required to excel academically, and use their abilities and individual skills to furthermore advance their creativity, productivity, leadership, integrity, self-esteem, entrepreneurship and sense of commitment. We also expect our students to give back to the communities from which they came, in order to embed sustainability in the system and promote social responsibility. For further info click