Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) was established as a social organization with the aim to assist in the development of Indonesia as a nation. In 2015, the organization was transformed into a social business which recognizes the importance of education in nation building.

As the first social business in the country, PSF works with its partners and donors to make quality international education available to more Indonesian students. This is in line with the desire to create a high-calibre work force composed of well-educated Indonesians who are ready to lead the country and contribute towards its development.

As the Provider Agency for the Sampoerna Schools System, we support the development of students into work-ready, world-ready, and ready to lead individuals. The Sampoerna Schools System teaches students the required skills of problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking to become globally competitive leaders who are guided by good moral fibre.

By investing in the future of Indonesia and its youth, we pave the way for social transformation and serves as an inspiration for others to also take a step towards change in Indonesia.