Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

The world of investment is something that has attracted and interested Abriansyah, or Abri, since he was in grade school. No doubt he is determined to work in the stock market at Wall Street. To fulfill this he has graduated from the University of Utah majoring in Business Finance. Prior to attending the University of Utah, Abri earned an Associate Degree in the same field from Lone Star College.

Culture shock is a foreign student affliction that occurs when one first lives in the US -- Abri experienced it. The difficulty to understand the nuances in the accent and culture became an obstacle for him at the time. However Abri refused to be held down and within three months was able to adapt with his friends there. The culture of respecting time that Americans embrace, is something that Abri admires. Coming from a military family, Abri has had his fair share of discipline that all parents from the military in Palembang instill in their children which in addition to the education he received at Sampoerna Academy, helped shape his character and develop his critical thinking.

In the US, this 20-year-old young man born in Palembang has had many opportunities to practice and develop his leadership skills. As an admirer of Soekarno, Abri is always disciplined and responsible towards the freedom granted to him in the US. He believes integrity is a quality that every leader should have. By holding firm to one’s integrity, one will always remain steadfast and stay on the right path when making a decision. During his studies, Abri had the opportunity to intern at PT. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI). He hopes that his internship experience will provide added insight and practical knowledge to his work in the future.