Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Angga is a student with strong character, smart and creative – born in a small town in East Java, district of Talok-Turen, Malang. It never occurred to him to further his studies in university, more so to study in the US. But as it goes, Angga can be proud because he was able to stand on the land of Uncle Sam, attend Texas Tech University and major in Industrial Engineering.

During the beginning of his studies, Angga was challenged with a language barrier. When he was at Sampoerna Academy he became accustomed to using English daily; however, interacting with people whose mother tongue is English became a challenge all its own for Angga. But he did not give up hope and tried all means to improve his fluency in English whether that was by chatting with the Professors or asking his friends to practice with him on a daily basis until the language was no longer a challenge for him.

In the US, Angga felt the difference on how education is applied in the US and Indonesia. Whether that was from the human resource aspect or from the methodology. Angga felt how Americans are far more open and confident in expressing their opinion or ideas in public, without fear of making a mistake or being judged of their opinion. Unlike Indonesians who are still afraid to make a mistake, or reluctant of what they are certain of, they become discouraged to express their thoughts in public.

Professors in the US make time for their students for one to one guidance, so when students are behind in their studies they can catch up by receiving private tutoring from their professors. No less important, education in the US does not only take priority on the GPA of the students but also shapes and develops their soft skills.

A fan of Maroon Five, Angga sees himself in ten years as a Consulting Manager or Manager at a manufacturing company where he can implement his knowledge in Industrial Engineering and help the company develop even further.