Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Bramastyo Galih Pandu Wicaksono, or Galih, is studying Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at West Virginia University. Since early on Galih has been very interested in engineering. His interest is rooted in his deep commitment to one day bring efficient and clean energy to Indonesia.

Born in Mojokerto on 30 August 1993, Galih enjoys the learning and teaching environment at West Virginia University, the atmosphere is free, relaxed yet disciplined and transparent. This environment makes the learning and teaching atmosphere enjoyable, where professors are friendly and easily accessible to students who need their advice on course material.

Galih who is an admirer of B.J. Habibie admits that he always learns from mistakes. Every failure that he experiences does not make him give up hope to reach his goal. Failure on the other hand encourages his character to be light and optimistic in chasing what lies ahead of him.

In the beginning of his studies, Galih found difficulty in socializing due to communication problems. He came across many new words and varying accents however, as time went on Galih was able to overcome this by involving himself in organizations which helped gain his confidence. The English that he learned while attending Sampoerna Academy helped build his confidence to communicate and adapt in his environment. Galih interned at a number of reputable corporations; in the Marketing Division of PT HM Sampoerna Jakarta, in the Technical Training Division at PT HM Sampoerna Karawang, and in the Petroleum Energy Division of PT Pertamina Hulu Energy Jakarta. One of his most memorable experiences during his internship was at PT HM Sampoerna Karawang. At the time Galih had the opportunity to be directly involved in designing modules for training purposes. It was a valuable experience that cannot be gained from academic studies. He hopes this experience will help him be a leader who can create something that can be beneficial for many.