Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Daniel graduated with a degree in applied mathematics with a concentration in statistics at the University of Missouri, Columbia in the US. Since early on Daniel has had a strong interest in mathematics because he believes the field of applied mathematics promises potential employment in the workforce. Daniel feels applied mathematics is an important subject to study because the current market requires real world situation models or models based on corporate interests. Furthermore in this field, Daniel has delved into the many aspects of problem solving and deep analytical thinking.

Born in Tanjung Enim 21 years ago, Daniel has his own outlook with regard to studying at the University of Missouri. This state university has over 32,000 students comprising hundreds of faculties and fields of study. There is a diverse community of multi-ethnic and multi-national students on campus that made it easier for Daniel to socialize and learn about other cultures, as well as introduce Indonesian culture to his friends at the University of Missouri.

Things he learned while studying at Sampoerna Academy, like being independent and not having to rely on anyone prepared him to adapt to living in the US. As an admirer of Ravi Zacharias and Mother Theresa, Daniel very much enjoyed the learning and teaching environment in the US. One thing that caught his attention was how professors present their material on a day-to-day basis. Daniel believes that the professors there are highly dedicated in teaching their students. They are very open and often give opportunities to students who have difficulty in their studies to consult with them or simply ask any questions. Daniel believes this should be applied in the education system in Indonesia so that the teacher/professor is positioned as a dedicated facilitator in shaping capable leaders.

Daniel also had the opportunity to intern at the Sales and Marketing Department of PT Merck, Tbk and is very grateful for this. At Merck, Daniel worked with a team to analyze an e-catalogue project. Together they formed an analysis on profit and stock projection. For Daniel this was an important project and a valuable work experience that he feels has shaped his leadership qualities.