Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Erriawan Firdauszaman. or better known as Erriawan, is a student of petroleum engineering at West Virginia University, US. He is one of the accomplished alumni of Sampoerna Academy. Erriawan chose petroleum engineering because he wants to contribute to Indonesia, which is notable for its large oil and gas reserves. He is motivated to create renewable energy given the diminishing state of many natural resources.

Erriawan joined Sampoerna Academy because he believes the Academy can provide a better future for him. The system of teaching and learning applied there, along with the boarding system, helped to shape soft skills that are needed later in life. Erriawan’s experience at Sampoerna Academy, which incorporates an international standard curriculum, allowed him to adapt more easily in pursuing his studies in the US. 

When he first set foot in the US, Erriawan understood that to move and live in another country would be a challenge in itself, including how to communicate. However as time went by, he involved himself in a number of activities and made an effort to socialize and make friends. These measures proved effective in building self-confidence and helped improve his communication skills in English.
Erriawan feels that the method of learning and teaching in the US is enjoyable and not one sided. It stimulates students to actively think, be creative, and not just memorize. The professors really help students to understand the course material. Not only by conventional means but also through interactive methods and are able to facilitate students by conveying ideas and concepts. Erriawan carried out his internship at Permata Hulu Energy. This opportunity was a chance to learn a lot about the engineering industry. Erriawan was handed a project on electrical submersible pumping where he learned and understood about the production process and how the oil and gas industry works.

After graduation, Erriawan wishes to return to Indonesia and apply the knowledge that he learned in the US to contribute in Indonesia’s oil and gas industry through developing renewable energy. His vision in 10 years’ time is that he will be an engineer in drilling, and he will be working in multinational company.