Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Fitryanty Fachuruddin or Fitri was born in Tenggarong 20 years ago and had to endure living apart from her father, when he moved to Saudi Arabia for work. Living far away from her father for 10 years did not discourage her, on the other hand it triggered Fitri to study even harder and make a difference for her family.

In junior high school Fitri never hesitated in helping out her mother to sell snacks in front of the alley by her house. Every morning together with her mother, they would walk to the market to buy ingredients for her mother’s merchandise. The profit from the sales brought extra income for the family to add to the monthly funds her father would send from abroad.

Fitri believes that by studying hard she will become successful in the future. Inspired by her father in Saudi Arabia, Fitri intends to be the first female Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. She believes that an international standard education will enable her to achieve her goal.

Not long after completing her studies at Sampoerna Academy, Fitri continued her studies at West Virginia University (WVU) majoring in International Studies and Business Administration and Women Gender Studies. Her determination in chasing her goals won her second place at a debate competition on human rights. 

Her favorite subjects at WVU are Citizenship and Foreign Language. Fitri enjoys politics and communicating with people from all over the world. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree, Fitri hopes to further her studies and obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). With an MBA that she will earn, Fitri who is a stalwart of human rights, especially for women and laborers, will dedicate her life working in non-government organizations that provide protection for laborers, particularly migrant workers.