Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Naada comes from a humble family. There were not many activities for a young man from Bondowoso, East Java to do before leaving for Malang to attend school other than finishing homework and helping out his parents.

After graduating from the Sampoerna Academy in Malang, Naada continued his studies majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Missouri. Choosing the University of Missouri was not a difficult decision because ever since attending school at the Sampoerna Academy, Naaada already knew which institution would provide him a quality education. The system of education at the Sampoerna Academy helped push him to apply to reputable schools. Naada chose electrical engineering because it has strong physics and mathematical components to it, both subjects that Naada has great interest in. Apart from this, graduates in this field are in high demand in various national and multinational companies.

Naada excelled during his studies in the US. In 2013 he won first prize at an infographic competition hosted by Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. Studying at the University of Missouri opened up many opportunities to participate in various activities. Non-academic organizations such as, the Hydro Car Team is among one of the activities Naada was involved in since his freshman year at University of Missouri. Not only that, Naada is Vice President of the Missouri branch of PERMIAS – the association of Indonesian Students in the US; as well as the Association of Graphic Designers. To be independent, Naada works part time for a catering service on campus. Naada feels a leader must be fair, attentive and wise. A leader must be able to find a harmonious solution to all peoples’ rights, reach a mutual consensus and have a big heart. 

Ever since a young child, Naada admired B.J. Habibie. In his opinion Habibie is very inspirational because of his endless love of country. He also has high ideals and competent expertise. B.J. Habibie’s persona inspires Naada to be a future leader after he graduates.