Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Naasa is studying Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Missouri. His proficiency in the English language makes him feel that attending a national school would be a waste of his potential. Through an educational aid from the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, he was able to receive the international standard of education that he hoped for.

Naasa has a strong interest in engineering and because of this he studied Computer Engineering, which is rare in Indonesia. Even during his studies at Sampoerna Academy, he was involved in a competition for the project Bridge Design. Now he is studying Computer Engineering to enrich his experience and insight he already has.

When he first arrived in the US, Naasa experienced difficulty in socializing. But he tried to eliminate the negative thoughts and made an effort to socialize. As a result, Naasa now has a solid team of friends. He has a competitive spirit and doesn’t want to be left far behind from his friends and because of that he continues to develop and better himself.

Aside from coursework, attending the University of Missouri has provided opportunities to partake in various activities. For example, a non-academic organization on - Mizzou Eco-Racing is one activity that Naasa has taken part in since his freshman year at university. During the first year as a member, Naasa was appointed as Head of Electric. Together with the University of Missouri Team - Tigergen, Naasa participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2013 competition and the hydrogen car “ Tigergen III” designed by Team Tigergen won third place under the category Urban Concept Hydrogen and received the Best Team Spirit award.

In Naasa’s opinion, developing oneself means not having any doubt in trying something new, being diligent and constantly practicing. As a result, Naasa, who once interned at PT Merck’s Engineering department, is involved in a new project, that is programming a database for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Eventually Naasa wants to become a Design Engineer, in line with his interests in designing electronic circuits.