Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Ani is the youngest of three children. Her father is an English Professor at a university in Malang and her mother is a housewife. Ani has two older siblings; her brother is a university graduate and works at a bank in Indonesia, while her older sister died in childbirth.

Ani initially began her studies in the US at Lone State College majoring in accountancy. After completing in two years she continued her studies in accountancy at Texas Tech University. Ani chose accountancy because of her interest since middle school in the science of exact measurements and to communicate and interpret financial activity. Texas Tech University was her choice because it has a very good business program. Apart from this, 100% of accountancy graduates from Texas Tech University get employed.

Ani began to wear a hijab when she was living in the United States. While in the beginning Ani feared how she would be perceived, after some time there, people became accustomed to it. Some friends have asked Ani about the hijab and why she chooses to wear one. After explaining why, they understood her decision. 
Being far away from her family requires Ani to be independent just like during her studies at Sampoerna Academy in Malang. Ani participates regularly in campus activities like the International Students Association.

Ani believes that a good leader is one who is responsible, honest, willing to listen to the member’s opinion, and firm in making decisions. Ani admires Salahuddin Ayyubi because of his wise yet firm leadership qualities. He is known to respect and admire all people including his enemies.
In ten years’ time, Ani sees herself as a successful career woman leading the financial department of reputable multinational company.