Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Rachman Adrianto Noor, nicknamed Andre, is the third child of four children from a humble family in Gresik, East Java. His father is self-employed in the coal business and his mother is a housewife. His parents have always supported Andre to continue his studies in the US after graduating from Sampoerna Academy.

Majoring in industrial engineering at Texas Tech University in the US, Andre has an avid interest in mathematics and economics. Prior to studying at Texas Tech University, Andre attended Lone Star College for the first 2 years and obtained an Associate Degree.

His experience in starting university studies in the US is quite interesting. Born on 1 May 1994, Andre often came upon obstacles when he first began his studies, as often is the case, he was reluctant to make new friends. However, he overcame this by learning to be more interactive in class, participate in organizations and take part in discussions with not only friends but with the teaching staff as well. 
The learning and teaching environment at Texas Tech University made Andre feel comfortable and familiar. The study environment there is not all that different from Indonesia and the students there are independent and have the freedom to express their opinion whether in or outside of class. During his studies at Sampoerna Academy, Andre was taught in a similar system of learning and teaching because of the international standard curriculum they adopt. Outside of class, Andre worked part time at the Office of Vice President of Research for 15 hours a week and made time to study with his friends as well.

Andre admires President Soekarno as a charismatic leader and admits that he once experienced failure when he received a grade that did not meet up to his expectations. But the failure that he experience became a turning point for him to work and study harder for better grades.

During the course of his studies, Andre who has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, he interned at HM Sampoerna in 2013 as an Assistant Supervisor responsible in designing modules and carrying out training for new recruits. Also in 2014, Andre had the opportunity to intern at Samko Timber, and worked in Business Development under the Board of Directors. He feels the internship experiences were beneficial and correlated with his field of study in industrial engineering. Andre can further apply and explore all that he learns in the US.