Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

While attending Sampoerna Academy, Rizky was already an active participant in various competitive arenas. One of which was Toyota Eco Youth Competition, a competition to apply eco-friendly technology for the sustainability of future generations. Her presentation in this competition won Rizky 6th place out of all the high schools in Indonesia that participated. Her interest in the preservation of natural resources stemmed from her participation in Green Earth Community, an extracurricular activity at Sampoerna Academy.

Being a student who never gave any wrong answer in math class does not mean that this young lady never experienced failure. “In my opinion there are only two possibilities of failure; we fail because we need to try harder to succeed, or we fail because God has better plans for us.”

Foreign culture is not something that Rizky is unfamiliar with. Aside from following an international standard curriculum at Sampoerna Academy, Rizky also took part in a student exchange program in New Zealand. In 2010 Rizky visited Onslaw College in Wellington, New Zealand for a month. This was the first time Rizky applied the international knowledge she learned. It was an opportunity for this Harry Potter fan to participate in activities in and outside class offered by Onslaw College.

Her exposure to international culture while at Sampoerna Academy equipped her with the tools to begin her studies majoring in industrial engineering at West Virginia University (WVU). Rizky admits that the major she chose fell in line with the career path he planned. “I want to be a consultant or analyst,” says this Kenny G music enthusiast.  Rizky finds studying at WVU interesting and enjoyable. She attends classes at Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. 

Upon his return to Indonesia, she hopes to pursue a career as a future leader. At first she said, a managerial position, however she feels that as a leader she can contribute more. Leadership is not about doing great things but inspiring those around you to do great things. She said a leader must have two qualities -- responsible and decisive. With this, Rizky believes that Indonesia will become a great nation and be able to compete globally