Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

It began with a childhood dream to study abroad. Satrio, or Rio, could not believe his childhood dream came true through a financial aid for education from Putera Sampoerna Foundation. This opportunity happened when he moved to Tulungagung with his mother. 

Sampoerna Academy offered an opportunity to chase his dreams of studying Biochemistry, at the University of Missouri. Initially, Rio wanted to be a doctor. But after much consideration such as the cost and length of studies, Rio dissuaded himself from becoming a doctor and chose biochemistry as a major. 

His love of reading makes him feel at home spending time at the university library to study. The extensive collection of books amazed Rio and made him want to spend more time in the library and explore through all the books. Rio enjoys participating in study groups and organizations in campus. He was even appointed as Director of Activity 2015–2016 of the Missouri International Student Council (MISC), and is organizing a 1-week trip during Winter Break for friends.

Rio is full of life, competitive and works hard. Feeling homesick does not make him feel discouraged in a foreign country. He remedies his feeling of being homesick by relating stories and experiences on Indonesian culture to his friends or goes on Facebook to share his stories with his friends back home.

While pursuing his studies at the University of Missouri, Rio interned at Sandoz Novartis, Indonesia, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. At Sandoz, he helped forecast and research product quality and calculated risk. During his internship he decided to stay focused on pharmaceuticals for his career.