Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Timotius Patrick Andrean Lagaunne or better known as Patrick, is a future outstanding Actuary. Patrick’s desire to become an Actuary and successful in this field was propelled by his family’s modest economic disposition. Patrick who was born in Palembang lived with his father who did not have a steady job. Apart from having to care for Patrick, his father had to work hard to provide for 3 other stepchildren. Patrick’s mother would occasionally help him financially from the profit of her trade and he always makes time to visit his mother during school holidays.

His persistence to be successful is reflected through his achievements that not only have made his parents proud but also his school, SMAN South Sumatera (Sampoerna Academy). Patrick received the 2nd highest marks in the national exams in Palembang.

Patrick is currently studying at the University of Missouri Columbia majoring in mathematics. Patrick decided to further his studies in Missouri because he wanted to experience change and new things. 
When he first studied in the US, Patrick experienced a culture shock. However, because Patrick is active in student organizations, he is able to interact with Americans and people from other countries and eventually the difficulty in adapting to the culture and language diminished. 

His study time at Sampoerna Academy became invaluable in his new life in the US. The dormitory life there taught him to be independent, confident and responsible. 
Patrick is determined to focus his emphasis on Actuarial Science, because apart from being drawn to mathematics, he is aware that there are very few capable actuaries in Indonesia and the demand in Indonesia is quite high. 

In order to train as an actuary, Patrick applied the actuarial science that he learned in his internship at Manulife Indonesia during the summer holidays. In this company, Patrick studied in detail what the profession of an actuary entails and became even more convinced that this is what he wants to do. He took part in a Modeling Team, which is the team responsible for modeling new insurance premiums with fluctuating prices on axis-based assumptions.