Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Tomi comes from a humble family. His father is a retired bank employee and his mother is an elementary school teacher. Tomi is the third child of four children. As a young man from Kayu Agung, a small village in Palembang, this 21 year old never gave up hope to chase his dreams.

Initially Tomi was not a diligent student, but because his father was forced to stop work and rely on his mother, Tomi wished to earn an extra living that is why he had to achieve a higher education. In middle school Tomi pushed himself to become an achiever and as a result he ranked 2nd place in his class. Apart from this he participated in a provincial level volleyball competition. He proved his due diligence by enrolling in Math and English lessons.

He even dreamt of what it would be like to get an education in the US. Those hopes came to light when he learned that Sampoerna Academy runs an international standard curriculum in English. Without hesitation Tomi applied right away.

Due to his achievements in middle school, Tomi was accepted at the Sampoerna Academy through a series of rigorous tests. He learned a lot of subjects apart from English at Sampoerna Academy and the leadership camp helped shape him to become leader.

His dream of studying in the US became a reality when he was accepted at Lone Star College (LSC) in Texas. At LSC he majored in chemical engineering, realizing the vast employment potential in this field. Tomi introduced Indonesian culture to his friends in the US and did not experience any significant form of cultural shock. On the contrary, he made many friends from all over the world and together they would find a mosque to carry out their Friday prayers.

During his course studies, Tomi interned at Accenture as part of the technology team. At Accenture, Tomi helped manage their corporate client, PLN.
After completing a two-year education at Lone Star College, Tomi continued his studies in chemical engineering at Texas Tech University. Upon graduating from university he plans to serve the nation. Even though he succeeded in studying abroad, Tomi wishes to return home to his motherland.