Mar 27, 2012
Posted by Admin PSF

Wanda was born in Malang on 20 August 1993 and never thought that she would study in the US. She comes from a simple family; her mother is a mathematics teacher who ensured to provide for her children’s education. Driven with a great spirit to change her circumstances, Wanda is always sharpening her skills both inside and outside school.

Ever since attending middle school in Turen, Malang, Wanda was active in a number of school organizations. When she was accepted at the Sampoerna Academy in Malang in 2009, Wanda began to sharpen her social skills. She joined the Sampoerna Academy Broadcast and TV club as part of her extracurricular activities. 

At Lone State College, Wanda majored in accountancy. She discovered her interest in this subject while studying at the Sampoerna Academy when she planned to join the Olympiad for Accountancy. During the past summer holidays she returned to Indonesia to intern as an accountant at Merck Indonesia.

After several years in the US, Wanda still recalls the first time she set foot in America. Living in a foreign environment, Wanda experienced a few setbacks, like understanding a new culture. She would often talk about Indonesia to her friends, introducing Indonesia through food by cooking local dishes on weekends for her friends at her apartment. 

Lone Star College gave her a very different educational experience from one she would find had she continued her studies in Indonesia. With classes that are only filled with thirty students, Wanda was able to focus on her studies. She feels that all the facilities provided by Lone Star College is set up to help in the in the study program. Foremost, Lone Star College allowed Wanda to transfer her grades to almost all universities, particularly those located in Texas.

When she returns to Indonesia, Wanda hopes to build her career as a future leader, as that is how to give the greatest contribution. Leadership not only provides opportunity for oneself but to others as well, because leadership is giving inspiration to those around you so that they too can do great things. Through this Wanda feels that Indonesia will become great and able to compete with other nations.