Moch Ramadhan Nurarif

Petroleum Engineer, West Virginia University

Arif really enjoyed the learning atmosphere on his campus where the instructors were very open with various questions from his students. Education in America is seen as an investment to knit his dream. In this case, the instructors strive to ensure that the investment invested by the students and their parents does not become futile.

The experience he gained at Sampoerna Academy was very beneficial in fostering self-reliance and self-responsibility. Through this experience, Arif is optimistic that Sampoerna Academy will produce qualified leaders. He also believes that the education system in Indonesia will improve and produce graduates who are reliable in their fields.

Armed with internship experience in several well-known companies such as PT HM Sampoerna, EF Education First Jakarta, and SAKA Energy; Arif has his own definition of leadership. For Arif, a leader will be emulated and able to make people around him feel safe. One of his favorite quotes comes from a fictional character, Don Carleone; “Keep your friends close, but your enemy closer”.

The motto holder “just live your life today, enjoy it. Don’t plan it like you know it, because the master plan is not yours. “This is not afraid of failure. Because for Arif failure as a learning material to become a better person in the future.

Ratna Setyaning Widayanti

Ratna Setyaning Widayanti or Ratna never expected to continue education until the United States. Ratna comes from a modest family, Ratna’s mother is a middle school teacher and her father is an employee at the National Electricity Company (PLN)

Rachmad Andrianto Noor

Andre admired the figure of a charismatic leader like President Soekarno. For Andre, the ideal leader is those who dare to accept failure. Failure was a turning point for Andre to continue to work and study harder to get satisfying results.

Nur Aini Muqti

Ani began her education in the United States through Lone Star College majoring in Accounting. After two years of completing his education at Lone Star College, Ani continued his accounting education at Texas Tech University.

Naasa Ahmad Fikri

Naadaa has made many achievements while studying in the US. In April 2013, he won 1st place in the infographic competition organized by Shell Eco-Marathon Americas.