A New Principal’s Determination to Become an Agent of Change

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Teachers are shapers of the morals and intelligence of Indonesia’s next generations, and that’s why it’s very important for us to ensure various aspects of their needs are fulfilled. Even so, it’s unfortunately still a challenging issue in Indonesia. Today, many areas across the country still lack competent teachers. There are several factors that affect the quality of teaching personnel in Indonesia, including human resource management and the teachers’ eagerness to develop themselves.

Indonesia needs agents of change to foster the teachers’ enthusiasm for improving their quality and capability. Indonesia is lucky to have a few of such dedicated teachers who are keen to continue learning and growing.

One of them is Farida Musafaatin, the new principal of SDN (State Elementary School) 012 Sungai Kunjang, who is eager to continue learning through the various accessible training programs. As a new principal, she is driven to motivate the teachers at her school to create innovations in the ways they teach. “I realized at one point that the school had been using the old teaching methods, and I want the teachers here to be equal to the teachers in big cities—they can create a fun learning experience for students,” she added.

Her vision, of course, requires a process. The teachers at her school weren’t used to being supervised in such ways by the previous principal, so they need time to adapt to her ways.

Realizing this, Farida chose to join the Professional Educator Ecosystem (EPP) program. This program is a collaboration between Putera Sampoerna Foundation and PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (SMI). It aims to contribute to teacher development in Indonesia, especially in Samarinda, so more areas will have qualified teaching personnel.

“I see that the materials offered in EPP are what we really need, such as training on Active Learning. The way it’s delivered is very easy to understand, and the materials fit what we need in the field at the present time,” said Farida.

Of course, she disseminates all the materials she’s received to the teachers at her school, so they gain everything she gains through the EPP program.

In the end, the quality of a teacher also depends on their enthusiasm and commitment to developing. Now, the teachers at SDN 012 Sungai Kunjang are readier than ever to make innovations through various learning methods thanks to Farida’s guidance.

“Students’ happiness depends on how their teachers teach. This has motivated me to continue improving so I can bring teachers at the school to the next level,” Farida concluded.