High Quality Education System: A Review of Sampoerna Academy

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Every parent wishes to provide the best education system and educational facilities for their children. They hope that their children can grow and develop into better people. That’s why some parents choose to send their children to an international elementary school instead of a regular elementary school.

Today, parents have a lot of alternatives to choose from; they can choose one that meets their needs and suits their little ones. Sampoerna Academy international elementary school is one of them. With Sampoerna Academy, you can provide high-quality education for your children.

The Learning Methods at Sampoerna Academy International Elementary School

As an international school, Sampoerna Academy has different learning approaches and methods compared to those of regular schools. There are seven key factors of the education system offered at Sampoerna Academy.

1. A Collaborative Education System

Sampoerna Academy sets up a collaborative education system. Students get more than just a one-way learning direction where teachers explain the whole subject in front of the class. At Sampoerna Academy, students can be actively involved in their learning process. They can also develop their ability to solve problems and share knowledge. This way, Sampoerna Academy contributes to making Indonesia a country with the best education system.

2. Child Development Portfolio

The education system at Sampoerna Academy’s international elementary school is equipped with an extensive range of supporting data, including students’ development portfolios. The portfolios are stored in the school’s Google Drive and continuously updated as the students progress from time to time.

The portfolios feature comprehensive documentation of students’ academic and social development that will be used by the school to evaluate their learning process. These portfolios also work as a medium to show parents how their children have developed.

3. Basic Programming Skills

At Sampoerna Academy, elementary school students learn basic programming skills. Learning programming skills can help students develop their abilities to use logic and think critically. What’s more, instead of practicing the skills in a regular programming class, students at Sampoerna Academy learn in a fun LEGO robotics class.

4. STEAM-based Learning

Sampoerna Academy students learn in a true education system that leverages the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) perspectives. In the STEAM-based learning approach, students are encouraged to carry out various practical activities to stimulate their curiosity.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Students also get a wide range of opportunities to express their hypotheses, findings, and methodologies to their peers. Moreover, through various presentations they must prepare and conduct, students can develop their self-confidence and critical thinking skills at the same time.

5. International standards

The title “international elementary school” at Sampoerna Academy’s name isn’t just a title. Sampoerna Academy always ensures that the implementation of teaching and learning activities at the school meets international standards.

That’s why Sampoerna Academy regularly benchmarks its performance by taking the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test published by the North Evaluation Association (NWEA). The MAP test assesses individual performance in terms of reading, science, and math skills. There are other tests from Cambridge and the Indonesian Ministry of Education that are also useful for measuring the effectiveness of Sampoerna Academy’s education programs. The test results then become a medium of evaluation to encourage students’ academic development efforts.

6. Specialist Teachers for Grade 4 and Up

Sampoerna Academy provides specialist teachers to teach students who enter Grade 4. Specialist teachers teach various subjects, including Reading, Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, and Foreign Languages.

7. High-Tech Classrooms

Finally, Sampoerna Academy always ensures that students can learn in a comfortable and calm environment. That’s why Sampoerna Academy buildings consist of classrooms that are equipped with advanced technology to support students’ learning activities. Students can also utilize iPads and Chromebook devices completed with various supporting software provided by the school.

With a perfect education system as advanced as above, it’s no wonder that Sampoerna Academy international elementary school becomes the right school for your children. By providing excellent education, Sampoerna Academy is also actively contributing to helping Indonesia become one of the countries with the best education system in Southeast Asia. Through the support of high-quality learning approaches and methods, students at Sampoerna Academy will be able to grow into young people who are highly competitive at the global level. For further information regarding registration and school visits at Sampoerna Academy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here!