Messages From The Founder

We Grow Tomorrow From The Hope We Create Today

Putera Sampoerna

Committed to creating change in Indonesia, we at the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), aim to bring about education sustainability, where all Indonesian youth can have access to international quality education. This is slowly becoming a reality through the Sampoerna Schools System, where we mold our students to become the future leaders of this nation.

The times dictate that we move beyond conventional approaches to empowerment – the enabling of individuals to apply their experiences, knowledge and skills to implement social, political and economic change for the benefit of the Indonesian society as a whole.

For this reason, PSF believes not only educating young people from families of varied backgrounds, but also in imbuing them with principles, a work ethic, and social consciousness that will enable them to emerge as competent professionals in their individuals fields. We must draw a more comprehensive blueprint for a better tomorrow on the fabric of today that is unfurling before us.

Our primary vision is to create leaders who capable of transforming Indonesians to viable global citizens capable of contributing locally, regionally, and internationally.

Building a better Indonesia is everybody’s business. No one individual or organization can accomplish this. This is why we are deeply grateful to our partners who have helped us over our first decade of endeavour. With the support of the government and the private sector, we hope to make a lasting impact in the lives of Indonesian students and bring the gift of education to other parts of the country. This is only possible with the trust and collaboration of our like-minded partners, who assist us in executing our programs in the best manner possible.

Let us all be a catalyst of change in Indonesia. Our children’s future and the fate of the nation can only be secured through our collaborative efforts.



Messages From The Management

We Grow Towards The Best Outcome

The world is constantly changing, and Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is constantly evolving. In an effort to guarantee the continuity of our programs and ensure that more individuals benefit from our efforts, we made the transformation to become Indonesia’s first social business entity.

In 2015, we also decided to streamline our efforts and make education our sole focus. By doing so, we hope to uplift Indonesian society and provide quality international education to the younger generations of this nation.

Through these changes, with the support of our partners, we aspire to continue our quest in providing Indonesians with quality education and equip them with the knowledge they will need to be able to compete in the global arena. We only have a limited time but we hope the path we have paved will bring about fundamental and meaningful change for the country