Our Journey

What we’ve been through


Provide The Most Comprehensive Education Pathway

PSF through Sampoerna Schools System Launched “Think Beyond the School” Education Awareness CampaignWe launched an education awareness campaign with the theme ‘Think Beyond the School.’ Our goal is to inform parents regarding the importance of choosing the best education pathway that accounts for their child’s individual needs. By choosing the right education pathway, parents can maximize their children’s potentials with the competencies that will stay relevant in the future.


A Sustainable Legacy

PSF Launched the Sampoerna Schools System and Fastrack USAThe Sampoerna Schools System is officially launched. A new education system model in Indonesia, Sampoerna Schools System provides an international-standard education pathway that focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and properly equips them to compete in the global stage.

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Leading The Quest of The Global Challenge

Engaged more deeply with the community by relaunching ASBI – the Sampoerna AcademyTo develop greater sustainability for our future endeavors, we instituted the Sampoerna Schools System in 2014. This is parallel to the expansion of educational level in Sampoerna Academy – from elementary all the way to high school – that caters to the needs of growing middle class for affordable and quality education. At the minimum, 800 students have enrolled in the System.


Transformation for Nation’s Growth

Integrated Sampoerna School of Business and Sampoerna School of Education into USBI – the Sampoerna University, Providing Diverse Study ProgramsAs a social organization, we have always been committed to enrich the lives of our students. Sampoerna Academy celebrated the commencement of its first batch of graduates that consisted of 226 students. Universitas Siswa Bangsa Internasional (USBI) and the Siswa Bangsa Journey is also established.


Social Business Institution

Expanded Into Four PillarsIn an effort to produce more leaders, we adopted the Pathway to Leadership Strategy and established the Sampoerna School of Business. The organization also directed its focus to its four pillars: education, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and compassionate relief.



PSF Established World-Class Learning CentresIn 2007, the foundation’s activities are centered around internationalization, plus the establishment of several business units such as: Sampoerna Academy, Sampoerna School of Education and Bait Al-Kamil. Between 2007-2009, PSF successfully awarded 33,390 scholarships to deserving students.


Quality Improvement

PSF Launched Initiatives for Education ImprovementWe focused on education quality improvement by launching the following programs: SFTI, United School Program and Student Assistance Program. These initiatives resulted in the awarding of 25,089 scholarships.



PSF was initiatedPutera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is established in 2001 as a social organization with the goal of bolstering the growth of Indonesia. From its inception to 2003, we awarded a total of 9,250 scholarships and established the PSF Alumni Association (PSFAA).