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Your support and partnership will enable us to continue our work to design a bright future for the nation.

An archipelago full of promise, Indonesia, as well as its citizens, have great potential to compete in the global stage. However, many obstacles impede the progress of the country, including minimum access to quality education

In 2014, The Learning Curve report by Pearson published education data about 40 countries, and Indonesia occupied the last position for educational attainment. Every day, we work on empowering more Indonesians at all ages to have the chance to fulfil their full potentials and be the leaders in their chosen fields.

Let us all contribute to this worthy cause. Join us in uplifting the quality of education in Indonesia.

For further details on how you can contribute in our programs and partner with us, please contact:

Since our establishment in 2001, Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) has worked continuously to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. We have launched educational programs in the different provinces of the archipelago which were facilitated by the government of Indonesia.

The government plays an important role in the implementation of life-changing educational systems and programs. With the government sector, we have made quality education accessible to the bright sons and daughters in several Indonesian provinces. This is in line with the regency’s intention to uplift its human resources.  The collaboration has resulted in significant changes to the attitudes and characters of students who have received student assistance program from us, including the development of their  strong motivation to pursue the goals they want to achieve.

With the Indonesian government’s support, we can serve more people. Show your support as well and join our worthy cause.


Basmen Nainggolan

Head of Vocational Training and College Education Department for East Kalimantan (Chairman of Scholarship Program for the bright students of East Kalimantan)

Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s (PSF) CSR programs are in accordance with the intention of the local government of East Kalimantan to uplift the human resources in the province while also ensuring that the bright sons and daughters of East Kalimantan can gain access to quality education.

This collaboration between PSF and the local government of East Kalimantan supports our aim to develop the abundant human resources of the province. By helping the children in our locale to have access to quality education, we can effectively hone a more skilful workforce.

The most unforgettable moment we experienced throughout our collaboration was when we saw the significant changes in the attitudes and characters of the students who received the student assistance program. Aside from that, we saw how they developed the strong motivation to pursue the goals they want to achieve.


It is every person’s dream to make a difference in other people’s lives. This is the very essence behind Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF). We are driven by the desire to make quality education accessible for every Indonesian.

As a CSR operator, we provide assistance to private institutions in implementing their CSR funding towards education programs that effectively mold the next generation to be work-ready, world-ready and ready to lead. The programs are divided into three areas: Enhancing the professionalism of teachers; Improvement of school governance; and Uplifting educational leadership and school management.

Let us take an active step towards helping the next generation of Indonesian leaders. You too can make a significant contribution to this cause and make a true difference in the lives of Indonesian children.

Donor's Testimonial

Sumit Dutta

Country Manager & Chief Executive of HSBC Indonesia

At HSBC, we help people fulfil their dreams and realize their ambitions. To do that, we strive to provide access to education for disadvantaged children, helping them to reach their full potential. Our partnership with Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) has taken us to a full spectrum of educational programs, from empowering educators, to coaching students, up-skilling parents and the community.

The results are encouraging. We have improved classroom management, engaged students, motivated teachers and satisfied parents, just to name a few. Together with PSF, we expect to see more thriving communities.


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