Putera Sampoerna Foundation Transformation

Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Since 2001, we have been guided by our four pillars: Education, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Compassionate Relief. However, in 2015, we recognized the importance of education in molding the minds of the next generation. With education as our sole pillar, we realized that its contribution to the nation could be maximized by making quality international education available to every Indonesian youth.

With education now as our primary focus, we launched the first fully integrated education system in Indonesia, the Sampoerna Schools System — a seamless pathway from Pre-Kindergarten through to University education. Sampoerna Schools System offers internationally-recognized curriculum and the opportunity to transfer and earn globally-recognized degree to many of the best universities in the Americas.

These significant changes have expanded our reach in making quality international education accessible to even more students in Indonesia. To date, there are approximately 2,500 students enrolled within the Sampoerna Schools System.