Sampoerna Academy Students & Teachers Launch Self-written E-book

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To celebrate International Literacy Day that falls on the 8th of September, Sampoerna Academy launched an e-book that speaks of the importance of responsibility & family.

This book – a collaborative effort between students & teachers – was launched as an effort to help improve the literacy level and reading interest of Indonesia’s younger generation.

Literacy is a Foundation

Literacy is an essential foundation for the advancement provision of the future generation of Indonesia. However, Indonesia is still facing a low level of literacy and reading interest at the moment. Based on Reading Literacy Activity Index (Alibaca) research in 2019 by the Ministry of Education, the average of National Alibaca Index in 34 provinces is at 37.32% (relatively low), along with the two lowest dimensional index values, which are the dimension of Access and the dimension of Culture.

However, the research also found one of the determining indicators in the Alternative dimensions can be an opportunity to overcome this issue by utilizing the digital platform alternatives. With 95.25% average number of Home Internet Access and Activity of Indonesians above 5years old (including browsing, chatting, and social media performance), Indonesia still has the opportunity to improve Its literacy levels by providing accessible and appealing educational books options through an online platform

Adelina Holmes – Head of Literacy & English Department from Sampoerna Academy says: “Sampoerna Academy is committed to create a quality future generation through the best education. We believe that literacy is a fundamental element to achieve that, therefore it is crucial to habitualize reading from a young age. This is also why we’re doing the Literacy Festival with the main agenda being the launch of Elidi & The Ancestor’s Garden which is dedicated to all Indonesian children. We hope that this book can answer the needs of interesting & quality reading materials that can booster cognitive & linguistic abilities for children ages 6-12 years old.”

Indonesia’s Reading Ambassador & Rumah Dunia Founder, Gol A Gong expresses the following: “I am very amazed to see the work that the Sampoerna Academy students has produced. In my opinion, the support that a school provides for their student so that they continually create, in this context launching a book, is exemplary and should be given the highest appreciation. As a reading ambassador, I see this Literacy Festival as a program that is interesting and very much needed, especially for generation Z & Alpha. This initiative by Sampoerna Academy is key in helping to make the program of growing the interest of reading and writing in Indonesia, a success.”

So let’s start reading!

Get to know Elidi & his friends through the adventure of Elidi & The Ancestor’s Garden.