Sampoerna Schools System

A Direct Pathway to an American Education

Sampoerna Schools System is Indonesia’s most comprehensive education pathway that provides the best-in-class, internationally-recognized academic programs from Pre-Kindergarten through to University. It also offers students the opportunity to earn a globally-recognized degree from most universities in the U.S.

With our fully integrated pathway, each learning stage of a child contributes holistically to his/her academic, social and personal development. This enables them to successfully transition academically and socially from student life, to adult life, and to the demands of a meaningful career.

Sampoerna Academy

Sampoerna Academy philosophy encourages students to inquire, explore, innovate and communicate, providing vital skills required for leadership in Indonesia and abroad. 

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Sampoerna University

Sampoerna University is an international, American-style university that offers its academic programs in an Indonesian context. It is an educational institution of the Sampoerna Schools System of Indonesia.

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One of my favorite things about Sampoerna University is that there is not much seniority applied hence It's easier to connect with seniors and also widen my connections Tan Kaitlynn Eleanore Sampoerna University Student
Sampoerna University really helps me broaden my mind about the creative industry and allows me to discover further what I’m truly passionate about. Shareen Sampoerna University Student
I chose Sampoerna University because it provides high-quality education that incorporates U.S. curriculum Feliks Antonio Siahaan Sampoerna University Student
I think Sampoerna Academy is the best place for you to experiment and innovate, and I think that’s what a school is about—experimenting with what you want and like in life, your passion, and what you want to do in the future Cisco Fabrigo Sampoerna Academy Student
The best things about Sampoerna Academy are the very nice teachers and the great school faculty Jashley Francesa Wy Sampoerna Academy Student
We think our kids have become more confident in expressing their opinions and feelings. They’ve also become more sociable. Yogi Priatna & Agnes Sanjaya Sampoerna Academy Parents
At Sampoerna Academy Sentul, both my kids have a great time and a great adventure. dr. Rachma Novita Sampoerna Academy Parent
My son has become more independent and learned about good teamwork Reni Sampoerna Academy Parent
I learned to be more cooperative and independent in my role Bryant Arvel Limento Sampoerna Academy Student
The curriculum implemented at Sampoerna Academy BSD allows our kids to develop from a child into an adult, using the potential they have in them. Wahyu Setia Triwibowo Sampoerna Academy Parent