Sampoerna University Industrial Engineering Students Shine at ICASM 2023

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Sampoerna University’s Industrial Engineering (IE) students have once again demonstrated their academic prowess at the International Conference on Applied Science and Mathematics (ICASM) 2023. Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from May 3rd  to 5th, this year’s ICASM event brought together researchers and students from around the world to present their groundbreaking work and innovative ideas. Among the participants were three remarkable IE students from Sampoerna University who showcased their dedication and talent through their compelling presentations.

Nyayu R. Tridanisa’s exceptional performance earned her one of the prestigious Best Presenter titles at ICASM 2023. This recognition not only highlights Nyayu’s commitment to her research but also emphasises the high standard of education provided by Sampoerna University. Alongside Nyayu’s outstanding achievement, fellow IE students Joelinus Jason Hidayat and Mukhoiyarotuz Zamrudah also delivered noteworthy presentations at ICASM 2023. Both students presented their research projects, demonstrating the skills and knowledge they acquired at Sampoerna University. Their presentations were well received by conference attendees, reflecting the quality of education and research opportunities available at the institution.

The accomplishments of Nyayu, Joelinus, and Mukhoiyarotuz can be attributed in part to the guidance and mentorship provided by their dedicated advisors: Filscha Nurprihatin, Tika Lestari, Nurul Retno Nurwulan, and Surya Danusaputro Liman. These advisors have played an instrumental role in shaping the students’ research, fostering their development, and preparing them to excel on the international stage.

The achievements of these students at ICASM 2023 showcase Sampoerna University’s commitment to nurturing talented individuals in the Industrial Engineering program. The guidance provided by advisors has been instrumental in the student’s success. As these students continue to make strides in their respective fields, they not only inspire their peers but also bring prestige and recognition to their alma mater. Sampoerna University remains steadfast in its mission to provide world-class education and research opportunities, fostering the growth of future leaders in the Industry.