Abriansyah Saputro

Business Finance, University of Utah

“Culture Shock” is a disease of students who migrated to the land of Uncle Sam when starting the days there, including himself. Difficulties in understanding dialects of language and culture became Abri’s obstacles at that time. However, Abri did not want to be confined in these obstacles, within three months Abri was able to adapt to his friends there.

The culture of respecting the time embraced by American society is the most admired thing by Abri. Departing from a military family background, discipline education was always applied by Abri’s parents in Palembang. Coupled with the education he has received at Sampoerna Academy, making it a person of character and critical thinking.

In the United States, this family born in Palembang 20 years ago has many opportunities to practice leadership skills. Idolizing the figure of Sukarno, Abri was always disciplined and remained responsible for the freedom given to him while in the United States. He believes that integrity is a quality that every leader must possess. By holding fast to integrity, a person will always be firm and on the right track in making decisions.

During his lecture, Abriansyah had the opportunity to do an internship at PT. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI). He hopes that from the work experience he has gained can add insight and work experience later

Angga Khoirul Imam

Angga is a student with strong character, smart and creative – born in a small town in East Java, district of Talok-Turen, Malang. It never occurred to him to further his studies in university, more so to study in the US.

Evi Susilowati

Evi comes from a simple family in Madiun, East Java. She is the eldest of a member of the Police Force and a housewife. Prior to attending Sampoerna Academy, Evi already had an interest in physics.

Deri Siti Kurniawati

Deri comes from a modest family. Her father works in a textile factory while her mother works in the garment industry. She is the eldest child of three children with a younger sister age twelve and a younger brother who is three years old.