Christian Timothy Wijaya

Business Finance, Texas Tech University

Recently, he was selected as one of the 30 best students at the Texas Tech University Business School for the Business Leadership Program. Through this program, Timmy and 10 other students have the opportunity to experience business and culture experiences in Brazil and Chile. There they learn various things about how the country runs a business with a different culture. In addition, Timmy will also complete his studies one semester earlier than the predetermined schedule. Timmy also had the opportunity to intern at Credit Suisse on last summer’s vacation, at the Equity Research department.

Timmy is the only foreign student from Indonesia who is a member of Rawls Business Ambassador and is even trusted to become treasurer in 2013. The organization only accepts 30 members with strict selection, namely members must have academic intelligence and social skills.

It turned out that Timmy’s activeness in organizing did not stop there, at a higher level, he joined the Rawls Business Leadership Program. Even in this organization, Timmy is the only international program student. Of the 60 members, Timmy was chosen as one of 30 members who will depart to Brazil and Argentina in 2016 for 2 weeks to hone leadership skills.

Timmy aspires to become a banker because he is interested in challenging challenges in the fields of investment banking and investment analysts. Even after meeting with the former Indonesian Minister of Finance, Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Timmy has new aspirations to continue his struggle to become the Minister of Finance of Indonesia in the future.

Moch Ramadhan Nurarif

Arif really enjoyed the learning atmosphere on his campus where the instructors were very open with various questions from his students.

Bramastyo Galih Pandu

Bramasyto Galih Pandu Wicaksono or Galih studied Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at West Virginia University. Galih is committed to creating efficient and environmentally friendly energy in Indonesia someday.

Evi Susilowati

Evi comes from a simple family in Madiun, East Java. She is the eldest of a member of the Police Force and a housewife. Prior to attending Sampoerna Academy, Evi already had an interest in physics.

Deri Siti Kurniawati

Deri comes from a modest family. Her father works in a textile factory while her mother works in the garment industry. She is the eldest child of three children with a younger sister age twelve and a younger brother who is three years old.