Daniel Sinambela

Mathematics, University of Missouri

The provisions he gained during his education at Sampoerna Academy became his ammunition to be able to adapt in the United States. Students who admire Ravi Zacharias and Mother Theresa are very happy with the situation and conditions of teaching and learning in the United States, such as the delivery of material by lecturers in their daily classes. Daniel assessed the lecturers there were highly dedicated, open and often provided opportunities for students who had difficulty learning to consult or just ask questions. According to Daniel, this kind of thing should be applied by the learning system in Indonesia, which places the instructor / lecturer as a dedicated facilitator in printing qualified future leaders of the nation.

Daniel also had the opportunity to intern in the Sales and Marketing section of PT Merck Indonesia. At Merck, Daniel is involved in a project that is quite large and long. He was placed in a team to conduct an analysis of the e-catalog project. Together with his team, Daniel must conduct an analysis of profit and stock predictions that must be the same during the sales process in e-catalog. For him, this is an important project that gives him valuable work experience that will provide him with a quality future leader.

Angga Khoirul Imam

Angga is a student with strong character, smart and creative – born in a small town in East Java, district of Talok-Turen, Malang. It never occurred to him to further his studies in university, more so to study in the US.

Evi Susilowati

Evi comes from a simple family in Madiun, East Java. She is the eldest of a member of the Police Force and a housewife. Prior to attending Sampoerna Academy, Evi already had an interest in physics.

Deri Siti Kurniawati

Deri comes from a modest family. Her father works in a textile factory while her mother works in the garment industry. She is the eldest child of three children with a younger sister age twelve and a younger brother who is three years old.