Deri Siti Kurniawati

Business Finance, Texas Tech University

Deri is active in various organizations: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, International Student Organization, PERMIAS (Indonesian Student Association in the United States), and ICx Friend (International Student Organizations off campus). On Phi Theta Kappa, he served as Vice President of Communication and at PERMIAS he served as an event organizer. In March and April 2014, Deri became one of four campus representatives to attend the regional and annual conventions of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida. There he attended various kinds of seminars and campus achievement awards.

Last summer vacation, Deri had the opportunity to take part in an internship program at PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and was in the Production Planning and Controlling department. Here, Deri can implement the knowledge gained from Lone Star College and Texas Tech University.

In the next ten years, Deri sees himself working as a consultant at one of the world’s best consulting companies, helping corporate clients to solve their problems, and offering international-class services. Not only provides a solution to the problems they face from behind the desk, but Deri will also play a role in every research in the field directly. Deri also dreams of becoming a CEO at his own consulting company. He really wants to open jobs in Indonesia, promote the nation through improving the quality of human resources, and making Indonesia one of the developed countries that plays an important role in every development of the world.

Moch Ramadhan Nurarif

Arif really enjoyed the learning atmosphere on his campus where the instructors were very open with various questions from his students.

Angga Khoirul Imam

Angga is a student with strong character, smart and creative – born in a small town in East Java, district of Talok-Turen, Malang. It never occurred to him to further his studies in university, more so to study in the US.

Evi Susilowati

Evi comes from a simple family in Madiun, East Java. She is the eldest of a member of the Police Force and a housewife. Prior to attending Sampoerna Academy, Evi already had an interest in physics.