Evi Susilowati

Business Finance, Texas Tech University

Every summer vacation, Evi returned to Indonesia to do an internship program in several Indonesian companies. This internship program is part of the program of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation to prepare students not only academically ready, but also can apply the science of recovery in work practice. In 2015, Evi had the opportunity to intern at PT Dirgantara Indonesia and became one of the planners in the Manufacturing Planning Test and Assembly section. Here Evi is responsible for planning production processes for fixed wing flight test aircraft types CN235, NC212 and N219. This task is in line with Evi’s department, because the manufacturing process is manufacturing aircraft. Evi also began to be familiar with the engineering drawings that she got during college, so that she could minimize the difficulties that were obtained in the learning process at the place of internship.

For Evi, a leader should have an inclusive nature that can show that he can accept the opinions of others, especially from his members. An incumbent can show awareness when in a group, that is, can invite people to feel ignored in the group. An includer can be a good leader because when he will make a decision, he will try to hear the opinions of all its members without having to hurt feelings when rejecting an idea.

Fans of Harper Lee’s book “To Kill a Mockingbird” claimed that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) was his favorite figure, because he managed to make many changes in Indonesia. SBY’s figure inspired Evi to become a leader who made changes in Indonesia, especially in the field of aviation

Moch Ramadhan Nurarif

Arif really enjoyed the learning atmosphere on his campus where the instructors were very open with various questions from his students.

Bramastyo Galih Pandu

Bramasyto Galih Pandu Wicaksono or Galih studied Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at West Virginia University. Galih is committed to creating efficient and environmentally friendly energy in Indonesia someday.

Angga Khoirul Imam

Angga is a student with strong character, smart and creative – born in a small town in East Java, district of Talok-Turen, Malang. It never occurred to him to further his studies in university, more so to study in the US.