Naadaa Ghulam Zakiyyan

Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri

Naadaa has made many achievements while studying in the US. In April 2013, he won 1st place in the infographic competition organized by Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. Studying at the University of Missouri gave him many opportunities to do various activities. The non-academic organization Hydrogen Car Team, for example, is one of the activities that has been followed since he was in the first grade at the University of Missouri. Not only that, he was also active in organizing by serving as the Missouri branch of the Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS) and graphic design association; and honing its independence by working as a part-time employee at a culinary service provider on campus.

For admirers of the figure of BJ Habiebie, a good leader must be fair, caring, and wise. In addition leaders must also be able to harmonize the rights of all people in accordance with their respective obligations, able to realize consensus together, and have a great soul. For Naada Mr. Habibie’s figure was very inspiring because of his love for Indonesia that never broke, he also had idealism high at the same time have competent expertise. Figure B.J. Habibie inspired Naadaa to become a future leader at the University of Missouri

George Yudistira Irawan

Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Irawan received his MBA, with honors, from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and his bachelor’s degree in Management, from the University of Surabaya. Before leading the Foundation, he served in some of Indonesia’s most reputable companies, e.g., HM Sampoerna, Danone, and Indofood, where he led various senior management roles, from marketing, commercial, operations, and later to General Management.

George Yudistira Irawan

Ketua & Chief Executive Officer

Bapak George Irawan memperoleh gelar MBA dengan predikat kehormatan dari University of Chicago Booth School of Business serta gelar Sarjana Manajemen dari Universitas Surabaya. Sebelum akhirnya memimpin Putera Sampoerna Foundation, beliau telah berkiprah di berbagai perusahaan papan atas di Indonesia, seperti HM Sampoerna, Danone, dan Indofood, dan menduduki posisi manajemen senior di berbagai bidang, mulai dari marketing, komersial, operasional, hingga manajemen umum.

Amelia Tjendra


Ibu Tjendra menerima gelar sarjana dalam bidang Pendidikan dari IKIP Negeri Malang, Universitas Negeri Malang, dan gelar Magisternya dalam bidang Psikologi Pendidikan dari Cornell University di New York, A.S. Setelah empat tahun mengajar dan meneliti di Indonesia dan A.S., beliau bergabung dengan Citibank untuk memulai karier dalam bidang SDM dan pengembangan organisasi. Selama sepuluh tahun bekerja di Citibank, beliau berhasil menduduki sejumlah posisi dengan beragam tanggung jawab. Beliau akhirnya menjadi Direktur SDM untuk wilayah Indonesia dan bertanggung jawab atas manajemen keseluruhan semua fungsi SDM di grup bisnis tersebut. Pada tahun 2000, beliau meninggalkan Citibank untuk mendirikan perusahaan konsultannya. Sebagai konsultan, beliau bekerja untuk sejumlah perusahaan terkemuka baik di sektor publik dan swasta. Pada tahun 2004, Ibu Tjendra bergabung dengan Sampoerna Strategic sebagai Pimpinan Rekayasa Organisasi.

Amelia Tjendra


Ms. Tjendra received her bachelor’s degree in Education from IKIP Negeri Malang, the State University of Malang, and her master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Cornell University in New York, U.S.A. After four years of teaching and research in Indonesia and the U.S., she joined Citibank where she began her career in human resources and organizational development. During her ten years at Citibank, she progressed through a variety of positions with varying degrees of responsibility. She ultimately became the Indonesia Country HR Director responsible for the overall management of all of the business groups’ HR functions. In 2000, she left Citibank to create her own consultancy. As a consultant, she served a number of leading companies and other organizations in both the public and private sectors. In 2014, Ms. Tjendra joined Sampoerna Strategic as the Head of Organizational Engineering.